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Search assistant spyware can’t remove

Somehow my computer was infected with a spyware called Search Assistant. Basicaly everytime i started my computer i had it in my tastbar. After numberous ways of tyring to remove it using ad aware6.0 and other programs i tried simply deliting it by going to add/remove programs and removeing it from there.

It worked successfuly or so i thought until i restarted my computer.

and all the sudden it loged me right out. i tried clicking it over and over again but every time i click log in it logs out right away. It does this for every user on my computer.

so i got onto another computer and did some research on how to remove this program and how to fix it so u can log in again once it is removed. But uninstalling doesn’t revert it back. Boot using your winxp cd.

2. Enter recovery console.

3. at the command prompt go to

no i could not. Ive tryed safe mod but the administrator logs right out just like a user.

Ive read the lava soft website already and here is the problem:

At the Recovery Console command prompt, type the following lines, pressing ENTER after you type each line:

cd system32At this time, remove the startup floppy or CD ROM from your system, and boot into Windows XP.

technicaly, by now i should be able to log in to my desktop. But i still cant. I get to the command prompt and i tipe this in:cd windows

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