cheap moncler uk Adaptive Shirts for Decreased Shoulder Range of Motion

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Adaptive Shirts for Decreased Shoulder Range of Motion

Loss of shoulder range of motion can stem from an array of causes, including arthritis, Parkinson disease, traumatic injury, fracture and rotator cuff tear. When you have decreased range of motion in your shoulders you will experience more difficulty with donning and doffing your shirt. Adapted shirts can be created out of any shirt to increase the ease of self dressing or caregiver assisted dressing.

Purpose of Adaptation

Many people with severe limitations in shoulder range of motion have difficulty with dressing. Bedridden or spastic patients can present severe challenges even for a caregiver to dress. Because the arm does not adequately move away from the body, the patient cannot get the shirt up into the armpit, which makes it hard to get the shirt over the head. Many times with decreased shoulder range of motion, it is difficult to get an unbuttoned shirt on and off. So adding an opening in the back of the shirt allows for increased ease of self care. Consider cutting an opening up the entire height of the shirt in the center of the back, including the collar and installing a zipper or velcro pieces to allow the shirt to be worn. Take caution, however, with a zipper because any patient with frail skin would have an increased risk of skin tear or breakdown from the texture of the zipper. For those who cannot sew or find a tailor to complete these adaptations, the most basic adapted shirt might be useful. The easiest alteration is to take a T shirt and cut from the lowest hem up the center of the back and stop in between the shoulder blades. The patient needing the adaptive clothing might have decreased sense of self esteem as they are daily reminded during self care of their limitations. Many times, with the guidance of an occupational therapist, patients can learn to use equipment or alternate techniques to enable them to don and doff their shirt without having to make adaptions to the shirt. Zipper pulls, reachers and dressing sticks are among the standard self care equipment that patients with decreased shoulder range of motion can use.

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